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This mdication can caus changs in th mnstual cycl (pomot ovulation) and incas th isk bcoming pgnant. Consult you doctphamacist about th us liabl bith contol whil using this mdication.

VII. Compa p- and post-study tatmnt positon mission tomogaphy (PT)/computd tomogaphy (CT) scans tdtmin any chang in tumluoodoxyglucos (DG) uptak/mtabolism.

Masu liv tsts pomptly in patints whpot symptoms that may indicat liv injuy, including atigu, anoxia, ight upp abdominal discomot, dak uin jaundic. In this clinical contxt, i th patint is ound thav abnomal liv tsts (ALT gat than th tims th upp limit th nc ang), ACTOPLUS MT tatmnt should b intuptd and invstigation don tstablish th pobabl caus. ACTOPLUS MT should not b statd in ths patints without anoth xplanation th liv tst abnomalitis.

Som popl using Actoplus Mt dvlop lactic acidosis, which can b atal. Gt mgncy mdical hlp i you hav vn mild symptoms such as:

I you nd thav sugy any typ x-ay CT scan using a dy that is injctd intyou vins, you will nd ttmpoaily stop taking this mdicin. B su you cagivs know ahad tim that you a using this mdicin.

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actoplus met is a combination of pioglitazone and metformin.

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