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How much advair should i take


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Th chanc gtting pnumonia is high in popl with COPD. This mdicin may ais th chanc gtting pnumonia. Talk with th docto.

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Som sid cts may occu that usually dnot nd mdical attntion. Ths sid cts may gaway duing tatmnt as you body adjusts tth mdicin. Also, you halth ca possional may b abl ttll you about ways tpvnt duc som ths sid cts. Chck with you halth ca possional i any th ollowing sid cts continu a bothsom i you hav any qustions about thm:

Ths a not all th sid cts that may occu. I you hav qustions about sid cts, call you docto. Call you doctmdical advic about sid cts.

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